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Technology-focused Asia-based
private equity investor


About Us 

We believe successful tech investments require in-depth industry knowledge and insights. In addition, we actively engage in all aspects of the company's business management from strategy, operations, governance to growth development, to ensure our investors get excellent returns on investment. At TGVest, we believe superior returns can only be achieved by all these elements combined.


Investment Strategies

Growth Capital

Pre-IPO Investment

(Private Investment in Public Equity)

Growth Buyout

Taiwan-Japan Link

As a PE firm focusing primarily on investment opportunities in Taiwan and Japan, TGVest believes a Taiwan-Japan link is part of a unique value proposition for companies based in both countries. We differentiate ourselves from our peers with our ability to not only execute deals in Taiwan and Japan but also leverage our network to build business linkages.


Our Team

TGVest believes industry insights and financial sophistication are the keys to successful tech investments. Most members of the TGVest team are sector specialists in at least two industry sectors and have multiple areas of expertise.

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Senior Leadership

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