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About Us

TGVest Capital –

An Asia-based technology-focused private equity fund

Bringing in talents and multiple years of corporate investment expertise, we specialize in growth capital and buyout investments. We help our portfolio companies transform and grow while achieving excellent returns for our investors. We are a cohesive investment team with extensive tech investment experience and industry insights. We are especially interested in investment opportunities with the Taiwan-Japan link. TGVest currently manages TriKnight Capital, TGVest Asia Partners II (Taiwan), L.P. and TGVest Asia Partners II, L.P.



With insights and resources, we help our companies grow and transform while achieving excellent returns

Our Mission

We help to build our companies into sector leaders by providing access to our resources, insights and capital

Our Unique Investment Strategy

We adopt a rigorous investment process and actively work with our portfolio companies to achieve outstanding results and sustainable growth

The Taiwan-Japan link is a key element of TGVest’s investment strategy. TGVest brings significant value by improving strategic positioning and corporate governance as well as expanding international reach and network.

Our strategies: late-stage investing,
pre-initial public offering (pre-IPO) investing, private investment in public equity (PIPE), and
growth buyout

Our sector focuses: semiconductor, advanced manufacturing, non-tech innovation, cloud/enterprise data infrastructure, medical technology and tech-enabled transformation

We focus on transforming and growing the company we invest in. At TGVest, we support companies with our industry insights and expertise, operational guidance, and network of industry connections.

[IMPORTANT] TGVest Capital Anti-Fraud Disclaimer

Our company has recently discovered that certain unscrupulous individuals have falsely used our company name, "TGVest Capital," as well as our company logo, on fraudulent investment websites and instant communication app (such as Line) group chats, misleading the public and confusing well-intentioned investors.

We hereby declare that the aforementioned solicitation activities have no relation to our company. Our company has not and will not directly or indirectly solicit sales or request wire transfers through any website or social media platform (such as Line) from the general investment public. The aforementioned fraudulent websites and communication app groups are all illegal methods of impersonation.

We urge you to be cautious and vigilant regarding investment invitations, phishing emails with unknown links, or fraudulent investment schemes carried out in the name of our company through social media. Please remain alert to investment invitations falsely claiming to be from our company or from unknown sources and refrain from rashly investing or transferring funds through any social media platform (such as Line). Also, please refrain from arbitrarily sharing personal information or account passwords with others or on unknown websites to protect your rights and interests. Meanwhile, our company has engaged lawyers and reported those cases to the police department to ensure legal action is taken against the person or people responsible for the aforementioned illegal activities.

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